Amma's Programme in Finland 2017

Fat Pipe Center (Arena Center Myllypuro) at address Alakiventie 2, Helsinki

Contact during program: tel. +358 (0)41 5283 588

Friday 1st of December

10 am - 4 pm Mediation. Amma’s darshan (embracing)
7.00 pm - 2 am Devotional songs, Amma’s speech and darshan (embracing)

Saturday 2nd of December

10 am - 4 pm Mediation. Amma’s darshan (embracing)
7.30 pm - 2 am Devi Bhava Celebration. Amma’s darshan (embracing) starts at 9 pm. It is possible to receive a mantra from Amma for meditation.


Free entrance. Delicious vegetarian meals and refreshments will be for sale at the café during the program. Queue numbers for meeting Amma are distributed one hour before each program. The evening programs go on until Amma has embraced everyone with a queue number. 

Program Info

For further information please contact

Inquiries:, tel.  +358 (0)41 5283 588

Media contacts:

Coordinators: Kirsi Salo, tel. +358 (0)400 525 005 and Matti Rajakylä, tel. +358 (0)50 345 6920,

To be Noted

The program hall of the event is considerably smaller than before. Due to this, contrary to the earlier years, it is not possible to wait for Amma's darshan (embracing) in the same space, where the embracing takes place. However, there are waiting areas very near to the program space. The situation is also new for the organizers and we kindly ask you to arrive early. We thank all arriving people for their patience and understanding. 

How to Reach the Venue

The venue is called Fat Pipe Center (Arena Center Myllypuro) at address Alakiventie 2, 00920 Helsinki and it is located very close to Myllypuro Metro Station (6 minutes' walk). See the location on map.

From Helsinki Railway Station

Take the metro going in the direction of Mellunmäki (5 minute intervals). Get off at the Myllypuro stop. Walk 450 meters south to the venue, Fat Pipe Center. From the Metro Station, walk from Varvasmäenkuja in the direction of Myllypurontie, then turn right to Alakiventie. Please see detailed walking directions here.

The last metro to the city center leaves at approximately 00:58. There is a connection in the direction of Vuosaari from this metro. In the direction of Mellunmäki there is a later metro available, the last train leaves approximately at 1:45 am.

If the new Länsimetro is already operating, the train to the city center continues to Tapiola and there is a connection to Matinkylä. There is no confirmed schedule regarding this yet. For more information visit to find out when this will be confirmed.

By Bus: The nearest bus stops are located 200-300 meters away at Kehä I ring road. Take bus 94N or 92N. From bus stop Kukkaniityntie you can take buses 554 and 561--both have the same route between Itäkeskus and Malmi.

At night 94N and the cross-traffic in direction of Malmi with buses 554 and 561 operates until about 1.20 am. When going to the the direction of Malmi, the bus stop is on the other side of the road than number 94N's stop to the center – passage to the bus stop through an underpass.

The buses and the schedules from the closest bus stops can be found in the links below. By clicking each bus number you can see the bus number's schedule and additional route maps:,

From Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Catch an I-train going from the airport to Helsinki (approx. 10 minute intervals). Get off at Central Railway station (Rautatieasema) and take a metro from the railway station. See the instruction above. 


Local taxi in Helsinki tel. +358 (0) 100 700 or Taxi Kovanen tel. +358 (0) 200 6060

Car Parking

Car parking facilities exist for approximately 200 cars. Please note that the arena is also used by athletes and parking spots may be very limited. You can also leave your car in a parking lot close to any metro station. These parking lots are mainly meant for commuter traffic and cars can usually be left there for 12 or 24 hours. See more information here: (in Finnish only)

More Travel Infomation

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Port of Helsinki

Helsinki Region Transport

Helsinki Region Journey Planner


Families with Children

Prams or strolls are not allowed inside the venue and they must be left outside in the tent reserved for them. Please note that the program organizer is not responsible for any stolen items. It is a good idea to have a baby backpack or a baby sling with you. This year there is no separate area for children in the hall. As we have two halls at our disposal this year, there is a lot of free space in Pallomylly for the children to move. Parents are responsible for their children at all times. Pallomylly and the darshan hall are located right next to one another.


Due to the small size of the hall, there is no space to store luggage and luggage is not allowed inside the Darshan hall. Please take your luggage to the place where you are staying in advance or leave it at the Helsinki railway station. In the pram park (tent behind the hall) you can leave your luggage unattended at your own risk. 


It is not possible to stay overnight at the venue, but thanks to the good connections all the Helsinki city center's hotels are available. See more here. Airbnb is also a good option for accommodation: